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        ABOUT US 關于我們
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        yaohua's mission and interpretation

        Revitalizing National Electricity as Our Responsibility


        Interpretation: Yaohua Electric, as a leading enterprise in China's power transmission and distribution supporting industry, has the conditions, ability and responsibility to play a leading role in the development of China's power transmission and distribution supporting industry and to play an exemplary role. This is our sacred historical mission and the only way for our enterprises to become stronger and bigger.

        From a professional point of view, Yaohua Electric concentrates on the supporting industry of electrical transmission and distribution, the research and development and manufacture of core components, and complements with downstream transmission and distribution equipment enterprises to realize the existence value and responsibility of enterprises.


        Yaohua's vision and interpretation of enterprise

        Become a well-known enterprise in domestic electric industry


        1. The Model of High-end Brand: Become the Leader of the Core Components of High-end Intelligent Switches in China

        2. Model of Excellent Management: Standard Governance Mechanism, Excellent Management, First-class Performance, Excellent Staff, Become the Model of China Electric Enterprises

        3. Excellent employer's model: respect, trust and care for every employee to ensure that employees feel valued and respected; employees'salary and performance are effectively linked, constantly motivating employees to create outstanding performance; so that every Yaohua Chinese can grow and develop, and realize their life values and dreams on this platform.

        4. The model of assuming responsibility: actively assuming social responsibility, including legal responsibility, development responsibility and moral responsibility. Legal responsibility includes product responsibility, employee responsibility, environmental responsibility and tax responsibility; development responsibility includes promoting the scientific development and harmonious development of enterprises and striving to build harmonious enterprises; moral responsibility includes abiding by social morality and commercial ethics, letting relevant parties win-win and actively engaged in charitable public welfare.


        Yaohua's core values and interpretation

        honesty and innovation responsibility


        honesty  "Honesty and credit" is the moral cornerstone of enterprise and staff. Adhere to the principle of good faith, treat customers sincerely and keep promises. Every employee and every department should always emphasize good faith, speak good faith, abide by discipline, act in accordance with the law, and be loyal to the enterprise.
        innovation  Challenge all possibilities, encourage value-creating attempts and practices, continue to improve, dare to change, dare to be the first, dare to break the rules, dare to take risks, and promote technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation and cultural innovation in an all-round way, so as to establish a dynamic competitive advantage.
        responsibility  "Responsibility" is a work attitude of shouldering heavy burdens, fulfilling one's duties and taking responsibility bravely. Companies take the initiative to assume various social responsibilities and create the greatest value for society. Employees adhere to the concept of partial subordination to the whole and individual subordination to the collective. They take the initiative to translate this responsibility into conscious action to implement the company's decision-making and deployment, and into a strong driving force to promote their work, so as to be responsible to the enterprise and to themselves.
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