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        Home > Enterprise Honor
        2018 Advanced Grass-roots Party Organizations2018 Famous Businesses in Zhejiang ProvinceTop Ten Enterprises in 2017
        Green Enterprises in Zhejiang Province in 20172017 AAA Class Contract-abiding and Credit-abiding Enterprises in Zhejiang ProvinceMayor Quality Award 2017
        Shanghai General Electric Switch Innovation and Progress Award 20172017 Labor Model Innovation StudioLight of Mercy and Filial Piety in 2017
        2017 Cixi City Five-star Two New Party Organizational Medal2017 Tax Enterprise Chorus Second Prize017 Cixi Special Award for Scientific and Technological Innovation
        Advanced Party Organizations in 20172017 Demonstration Comprehensive Management Workstation2017 Famous Brands of China's Electrical Appliance Industry
        Worker Pioneer 2017Certificate of 2017 National Standardization Technical Committee for Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment2017 Advanced Grass-roots Party Organizations
        Shanghai GM Excellent Supplier 20162016 National Joint Design Member Unit of New Modular Assembled Electric Control Distribution Cabinet2016 National Standing Committee of Transmission and Distribution
        2015 National Transmission and Distribution Standing Committee Unit2016 High-tech Enterprise CertificateCredit Grade AAA of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in 2016
        2016 Leading Enterprise of Technological Innovation in China's Electrical Appliance Industry2016 Famous Trademarks in Zhejiang Province2015 Provincial Research and Development Center for High-tech Enterprises


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